Jared Sullinger on the comeback trail


There was a six game winning streak right after the new year where Sullinger really came into his own. In 26 minutes of playing time, Sully average nearly 10 points and 9 rebounds on 62% shooting. He did most of his damage on the offensive glass and held his own on defense. Chris Forsberg caught up with the former Buckeye and has this update on Jared and his recovery from back surgery:

Jared Sullinger on surgery: “Everybody says back with a question mark, you might as well put an X through that.”

— Chris Forsberg (@ESPNForsberg) May 23, 2013

More Sullinger: “Because I had surgery, I’m taking my time and getting back right. It won’t be a recurring injury.”

— Chris Forsberg (@ESPNForsberg) May 23, 2013

Sullinger, who resumed light workouts about two weeks ago, is now on a 10-week program aimed to ramp him up. Hopes to be 100% by camp.

— Chris Forsberg (@ESPNForsberg) May 23, 2013

Ainge mentioned it immediately after the procedure and Sully has reiterated it here: this will not be a recurring injury. That’s huge news for a guy that could be the power forward of the future for the franchise. And as RedsArmy points out, you should really check out JS’s Instagram page. He’s looking svelte. When he was drafted, he likened himself to Kevin Love and it looks like he’s transforming his body in the same vain.

He also offered some insight on Rajon Rondo’s recovery:

Sullinger ready to work his way back

REHABBING WITH RONDO: Sullinger said that watching point guard Rajon Rondo rehab from ACL surgery has only given him additional motivation and a shoulder to lean on. “We talk off and on, just trying to get each other’s minds right. Situations like this, you go through it alone, it’s kinda tough. But when you have someone by your side that’s trying to get back to where they were as well, it really helps you out.” As for how Rondo is doing: “Rondo’s doing great,” said Sullinger. “Right now he’s rehabbing, and doing what he’s supposed to.”

And of course, Forsberg asks him about Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett:

No inside info from Sully on KG/Pierce: “I’m not the GM… so I don’t know anything that’s happening.” Said supports them whatever happens.

— Chris Forsberg (@ESPNForsberg) May 23, 2013

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